You can give any part of your home, inside or outside, a unique, warm, and stunning look with natural stone. Natural stone is extremely durable and a professional can work it into any construction or renovation with ease.

There are many options when it comes to stone and each one has its own points of conversation. So while you will end up with a beautiful finished product, the hard part is choosing the right stone for your masonry Calgary project.

Slate Offers a Rustic Appeal

Its durability, versatility, and simplicity make slate a great choice for just about any project. Most people think of gray or black when considering slate but it does offer a wide range of color options.

Most commonly used for flooring or fireplace surround, slate is workable for other surfaces, like countertops and roofing.

This material is scratch-resistant and does not crack easily under pressure, plus, it’s easy to work with. However, it can suffer from moisture damage so consult with a stone expert before making your selection.

Limestone Gets Better Over Time

When you use limestone, you can expect a different and more appealing look as time passes. Limestone offers a wonderful patina with a great texture as it ages.

It comes in a variety of colors that are not too bold and display a fine, even grain. So it works nicely on the fireplace or interior flooring. However, it can easily stain, so choose wisely where you use it both inside and outdoors.

The Ever-Popular Granite

The popularity of granite has exploded as it has become more affordable and used in a multitude of ways. From countertops to fireplaces to stairs, and even flooring, granite is extremely durable. Each slab of granite offers a truly unique look in a multitude of colors and natural patterns.

Granite does require some care, however, as it is difficult to work with, which is part of the reason for its higher price point over other stone options. And although it is bacteria resistant, it does require sealing from time to time.

The Warmth and Elegance of Travertine

Because this stone feels soft and warm, it is often used for flooring, although it does not offer the same shine that most people prefer. It can be used both inside and outside the home for an interesting matte finish that resembles marble.

This is a very sensitive stone as it is easily damaged by acidic fluids, and because it is extremely porous, it requires sealing to maintain its original beauty.

Flagstone Versatility

Flagstone is not actually a single stone. It is composed of sedimentary rock that has formed together over time. It has a very wide range of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures, making every piece of a flagstone floor unique.

While flagstone is susceptible to erosion, even indoor use may require maintenance. It is a challenge to work with, but once in place, flagstone is very durable.

Choose your stone and experience all the natural beauty and benefits for yourself.